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April 26, 2001

It Is A Great Prospect

Stewardship of the FRIENDS OF PROSPECT PARK 1968-2000

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by Dale Bauer

Assembly Room, A. K. Smiley Public Library


This paper is a review of the interaction of Prospect Park and the many people of Redlands who plant it, walk it, build it, contemplate it ----a review of a history created by the sequence of newspaper reporting. It starts on August 9, 1968 after the area became a Redlands city park.


The childhood of Dale Bauer was spent on coastal land that grew lima beans. Nearby was Garden Grove, California, which in the 1930's was a collection of 3,000 people surrounded by orange groves and farm land. He was a 1941 high school graduate in a class of 70 students.

1941-1952 Received a BA degree from Occidental College as a physics   major. World War II as a Navy minesweeping officer in the  Philippine islands. Received a BA degree in Architecture  from University of Southern California. 1951-1961 Designer, with Architect Charles Eames, Venice, California. 1954 Married Alma Gene Bauer, recent UCLA graduate in Art and   education. 1961 Moved to the community of Smiley Park near Running Springs, CA. 1963-1988 Commuted to Redlands working with Architects Clare Day and/or  Leon Armantrout completing such Redlands projects as: The YMCA  Supergym expansion, First United Methodist Church, Sacred Heart  Parish Center, Prospect Park Theater, Early development of ESRI  Campus, Japanese panelized housing system in collaboration  with ESRI.

1988-Present. Assisting spouse Gene Bauer in presenting hillsides full of daffodils; design and rebuilding their house after it was destroyed in a September 1997 forest fire.


  • *   Graphics and other documents are not online, but are part of the original paper
         in the A.K. Smiley Public Library

    A. Concept of this paper. 2

    B. * Photograph of Prospect Park

    C. Introduction: The genesis of Prospect Park as elucidated by Frank Moore.

    D. * Yearly index of the collected newspaper articles. 6

    E. * Reproduction of newspaper articles with highlights 80 describing Friends of Prospect Park activities and interests.

    F. * Appendix

    1. Major contributors to the restructuring 2

    of the Carriage House.

    2. Listing of "TREES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD 1


    3. Prospect Park Master Plan, abridged, by POD.  3

    4. Carriage House remodeling plans, abridged. 7

    5. Biography of Dale Bauer. 1

    G. Bibliography

    H. * Mounted in the back cover: Carriage House fold-out promotion card.




    This paper is a review of the interaction of Prospect Park and the many people of Redlands who plant it, walk it, build it, contemplate it ----a review of a history created by the sequence of newspaper reporting. It starts on August 9, 1968 after the area became a Redlands city park. This was the culmination of a long and successful purchase campaign described in the Prospect Park Book,

    Those who had been most active in the acquisition campaign recognized the need for a support group. Thus the Friends of Prospect Park were state chartered in November 1968 as a non profit corporation. Over the years an average of 160 members have sustained and advanced the preservation and enhancement of the park.

    The resource of this paper is the result of accurate newspaper reporting of community events and the consistent interest of one individual in collecting information related to Prospect Park. Emma Jane Lawson maintained a newspaper clipping scrapbook between the years 1966 and 1993. This became five volumes averaging 100 pages each of size 11x17 inches. Her interest in Prospect Park was due, with her sister Olive Lawson, being companions to Avice Meeker Sewell. Mrs. Sewell was one of the principals of the organization responsible for the purchase of Prospect Park. These volumes have been placed in the Heritage Room of the A.K. Smiley Library in Redlands for reference use. This paper is an extraction and indexing of this material for easier access and wider dissemination.

    I have chosen four index categories in which to separate the information:

    1. FOPP/City action Events relative to Friends of Prospect Park (FOPP)  administration and Park Commission reviews or approvals of park improvements.

    2. Theater The concept, planning, cost delays and construction. (specific  theatrical productions and actors of many years exist in the volumes but  are no included in this paper).

    3. Citrus The health and economic viability of the orange trees within  the park perimeter.

    4. Public Use How the public uses the park facilities as reported in the  newspapers.

    The paper is not a narrative of each of these categories but a collection of newspaper articles arranged by the year of their occurrence. Each article is marked by dashed lines of portions which relate to the stewardship of the park by the Friends. For reference into the Lawson collection each article has a rectangle adjacent with a letter and a number. The letter describes the volume (A,BB,B,C,D,E) and the number is the page in that volume. It would be possible to delete extraneous information from the newspaper text but I feel mention of related events and people adds to the total picture of Redlands parks development.

    Distribution of this paper as of this date:

    1, A.K. Smiley Library, circulation

    1, A.K. Smiley Library, Heritage Room

    2, Friends of Prospect Park

    1, Leon Armantrout

    2, Dale Bauer


    Friends of Prospect Park Scrapbook collected by Emma Jane Lawson. Deposited in the Heritage Room of the A.K. Smiley Library, Redlands, California.

    Volume Years Total pages
    A 1963-1974 173
    BB 1975-1978 115
    B 1979-1982 113
    C 1983-1985 97
    D 1986-1988 83
    E 1989-1993 109

    These volumes contain mounted newspaper articles primarily from the Redlands Daily Facts and some from the San Bernardino Sun newspapers. Also included are some Redlands Theater Festival play programs, tickets and resume of actors in the plays.

    Minutes of the Friends of Prospect Board of Directors, for the years 1996-2000

    Prospect Park Master Plan produced by POD, Landscape Architects for Redlands Park Commission.

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